ARTS 108 / CAMS 138

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Syllabus (revised on April 24th)


Required supplies list for ARTS108/CAMS138 can be found online at Amazon or B&H. You must obtain these supplies by the second week of class. The supplies should cost roughly $35. Please contact me directly if this presents undue financial burden for you so that we can arrange for financial assistance. 


Henry Horenstein: Black & White Photography: A Basic Manual

William Henry Fox Talbot: Brief Historical Sketch of the Invention of the Art

John Berger: Understanding a Photograph

John Szarkowski: The Photographer's Eye

Lewis Hine: Social Photography

Martha Rosler: In Around and Afterthoughts (on Documentary Photography)

Mary Street Alinder: Group F.64 - Imogen Cunningham

Mary Street Alinder: Group F.64 - The Way of Stieglitz, A Tale of Two Galleries, & The Enemy Moretensen

Jay Maisel: Light, Gesture, and Color

Slide Presentations

Origins of Photography

Portraits without Self

Exposure and Camera Basics

Composition and Timing


The Photographer’s Eye - Lens Choices - Projects

Artist Statement Workshop // Writing Prompt

Experimental Printing

Assignment Sheets

Assignment #1: Photogram Self-Portrait

Assignment #2: Brackets & Angles

Assignment #3: Light

Final Project

Artist Presentations


ARTS 308 / CAMS 338

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Syllabus (revised on April 26th)


John Raeburn: Seeing California with Edward Weston

Barbara Marcoń: Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Eye of the Camera

Vicki Goldberg: Ansel Adams in a New Light (PDF Version)

Allison Meier: How Photographs Have Shaped Our View of the National Parks

Mary Street Alinder: Group F.64

Susan Sontag: In Plato’s Cave: from "On Photography"

Hito Steyerl: In Defense of the Poor Image

Dayanita Singh: Photo Fiction

Farah Hesdin: The Issue of Consent in Photojournalism

Polly Markandya @ Polis Summer School 2015

Michael Crouser Videos: 1 // 2 // 3

Tabitha Soren: 1 // 2

Misc Documents

MFA Presentation Sign-up

MAS 108 - Handmade Photography


Christopher James: Cyanotype

Maaike Van Stratum: Toning Cyanotypes

Christopher James: Salt Print

Christopher James: Platinum & Palladium

Laura Blacklow: Platinum & Palladium

Additional Readings

Edward and Charis Weston: California and the West

Robin Kelsey: Timothy O’Sullivan’s Photographs for the Wheeler Survey

Art Agenda Review: Paul Mpagi Sepuya’s ‘The Conditions”

Rediscovering America with Anne Wilkes Tucker

How Graciela Iturbide Became One of Mexico’s Greatest Photographers

Carlos Monsivais: Form and Memory (Graciela Iturbide)

Keith Carter: Fireflies

Lia Gangitano: Boston School

Adam McCauley: Vietnam War Images, Photosynthesized

David Emitt Adams: Lenscratch. The States Project: Arizona

Ansel Adams: The Print

Lev Manovich: Watching the World

Lia Gangitano: Boston School

Kelly Dennis: Landscape and the West – Irony and Critique in New Topographic Photography

Jack Kerouac: Introduction to Robert Frank's 'The Americans'

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Stop Time

Sally Mann's Exposure (warning: discussion of pedophilia and images containing child nudity)

Magda Biernat: Adrift

Arno Rafael Minkkinen: Mastering the Power of Three

Richard B. Woodward: ‘Ansel Adams in Our Time’ Review: Reconsidering a Mountainous Career

Judy Dater: On Vaginas and Earthworks (nudity warning)

Making it Count: An Interview with Mike Brodie (nudity, violence, drug use warning)

Jim Dow: Food Trucks

Jim Dow: Marking the Land

Jeff Brouws: Highway Landscape

Christopher James: Cyanotype Process

Natasha Geiling: The Day Winston Churchill Lost His Cigar

Jonathan Griffin: Out of the Light, Into the Shadows

Robert Adams: Why People Photograph

Sally Mann's Haunted South

Peter Malone: Why Irving Penn’s Portraits Are His Most Compelling Photographs

Teju Cole: Take a Photo Here

Anne Brigman: A Pioneering Photographer of Nude Self Portraits

Beate Gütschow: a Conversation

Art and Fear: David Bayles & Ted Orland

Bryan Schutmaat Interview

Interveiw with Joel Meyerowitz: Where I Find Myself

The Kodak Colorama

Dark Light Film

Being Women: Poetry and Imagery

Karen Rosenberg: Landscapes Framed by a Chevy (Lee Friedlander)


19th Century

Anna Atkins

William Henry Fox Talbot

Carleton Watkins

Eadweard Muybridge

Lewis Hine

Nicéphore Niépce

Mathew Brady

20th Century


Yousuf Karsh

Irving Penn

Andre Kertesz

Lorna Simpson

Ana Mendieta (nudity warning)

Magdalena Campos-Pons

Carie Mae Weems

Sage Sohier

Arnold Newman

Cindy Sherman

Nan Goldin - (nudity, violence, drug warning)

Nan Goldin on Julia Margaret Cameron

Kurt Markus

David Michael Kennedy

Duane Michaels

Norman Mauskopf (nudity warning)

Arno Rafael Minkkinen (nudity warning)

Peter Cohen Collection


Ansel Adams

Edward Weston

Imogen Cunningham

Sonya Noskowiak

Mark Klett- Yosemite in Time

Jerry Uelsmann // Interview

The New Topographics

William Clift

Mark Ruwedel


The Farm Security Administration Photographers

Dorothea Lange

Walker Evans

Lee Friedlander

Vivian Maier

Ray Metzker

Sebastião Salgado

Eugene Atget

Henri Cartier-Bresson


Man Ray- Rayograph

Alfred Stieglitz

Tina Modotti

Alison Rossiter -  Revive

Graciela Iturbide

Joyce Tenneson

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Harold Edgerton - The Man Who Froze Time

William Eggleston

Keith Carter (nudity warning) // Video

Philip-Lorca diCorcia (nudity warning)

Jay Maisel

Consuelo Kanaga

Alma Lavenson

21st Century


Todd Gray

David O. Alekhuogie

Hank Willis Thomas

Devinn Morris (police violence warning)

Michael A. McCoy

Dona Schwartz (nudity warning)

Catherine Opie

Andrea Modica

Trent Davis Bailey

Hannah Bates

Laura Beth Reese

Rai Yamada

Endia Beal // Text // Text

John Edmonds

Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa

Julie Blackmon

Claire Beckett

David Hilliard (nudity warning)

Will Wilson

Mikael Owunna


Linda Bournane

Kelli Connell


Barbara Bosworth

Beate Gütschow

Bryan Schutmaat

Clifford Ross- Landscape Seen and Imagined

Chris Engman

Mark Dorf

Stuart Klipper

David Emitt Adams

Yang Yongliang

Laura McPhee

Meghan Riepenhoff

Documentary / Photojournalism

Her Take: (Re)Thinking Masculinity BY THE SEVEN OF VII

Nichole Sobecki

Mark Kauzlarich: The McFarthest Place

Sebastião Salgado

Poulomi Basu

Ami Vitale

Mike Brodie (graphic content warning)

Ed Kashi

Carlan Tapp

Nevada Wier

Ryuji Miyamoto


Doug and Mike Starn

Susan Burnstine

Cig Harvey

Aline Smithson

Nina Katchadourian

Tabitha Soren

Shana and Robert ParkeHarrison

Michael Crouser

Colette Campbell-Jones

Todd Hido Portfolio Site // Text // Text

Alec Soth // Text

Synchrodogs- (nudity warning)

Gregory Crewdson

DM Witman // Text

Stephen Gill

Jeff Wall

Barbara Gallucci

Christina Blackwood (nudity warning)

David Shannon-Lier

Ragnar Kjartansson

Amy Stein - Domesticated

Laurel Nakadate

Camilo Ramirez

Jose Davila

Preston Utley

Amanda B King

Matthew Brandt

Trevor Paglen


Michael Clark

David Robin

Josh Withers

Petra Collins